A hole in the tooth is usually formed by decay or a broken piece Tooth. This defect must be carefully repaired, so that no further damage is done. We can advise you about different ways to solve the problem and with you find the optimal solution.
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A cavity is formed in the tooth because of tooth decay or if a piece of the tooth chips or breaks off. To prevent further damage from occurring to your tooth, it is important to stop the cavity in its tracks. The existing cavity should be filled and closed with a filling which need to fulfill certain standards:

There should be no gap between the tooth and its filling; it must be biocompatible, allow for normal chewing, last a long time and of course it needs to comply with the client’s aesthetic preferences.

The filling for every cavity can be fit to its specific dimensions. There are also multiple filling types to choose from: small- to medium-sized cavities can be filled with plastic fillings whereas moderate-to-large fillings offer inlay fillings or overlay fillings made out of ceramic.
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Ceramic Inlays

An inlay is manufactured in a laboratory. They are made out of either high gold content alloys or ceramics.

Inlays are considered an alternative to amalgam and plastic fillings.
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CEREC enables aesthetically pleasing dentures to be made from high-quality ceramic.

Using the hi-tech device known als CEREC, teeth can be restored with ceramic. This treatment provides optimum aesthetics, durability and high compatibility without using metal.

Under certain conditions, ceramic fillings can be made in just one session. The dentist makes an impression of your tooth and then provides temporary restoration. Furthermore, ceramic is the material which most closely emulates natural tooth enamel.
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Amalgam-free Treatment

Amalgam is a mixture of various metals and mercury.
For various reasons, these grey fillings are no longer a contemporary filling material and are not used in our clinic. We offer composite or ceramic as alternatives.
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Plastic Fillings

We can restore damaged teeth using minimally invasive operations. Our clinic uses high quality plastics (composites). By choosing the correct colour and creating a tight seal, fillings are barely visible.